Stylish Industrial Home Decorations DIYs

Stylish Industrial Home Decorations DIYs: 3. Industrial Coffee Table

Stylish Industrial Home Decorations DIYs: 3. Industrial Coffee Table

Believe it or not but you can bring in an industrial style to the way you decorate your home, office or business. It might seem like a strange way to decorate any area, but it is absolutely creative and unique. It is a decorative style that you do not get to see every day and that is exactly what makes it all worth it. With the incredible ideas we have for you here, you will be able to turn any room into an absolutely modern and stylish masterpiece. Take a look at these DIYs and be amazed!

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1.Use Table Tennis Balls To Make A Chandelier; This is a fun project that helps create a cute and colorful chandelier with spray paint.

2.Fluorescent Letter Signs; Buying fluorescent letter signs can be quite pricey so why not make your own with simple materials such as cardboard letters, electrical tape, twinkle lights, craft knife, tracing paper, scissors and a pencil.

3.Thread Covered Reused Bottles; Simply get some old bottles, thread, scissors and glue. Spray paint is lovely to use to add different colors on the thread.

4.Sparkle Sunburst Mirror ; This gorgeous mirror is so difficult to make but with our easy to make DIY materials you can enjoy a relaxed day making your own mirror. All you would need is a small piece of a mirror, hook, piece of tin’s lid (preferably smaller than your chosen mirror), old cardboard, glue, tape and sequins to make it sparkle.

5.Padded Drawers; Have to love these colorful padded drawers; they are absolutely adorable for you children’s rooms by just using wadding and fabric of your choice.

6.Cheap Branch Ornament; Make a classy earthy lamp for your dining room with a simple branch from a tree and fbric wrapped cables.

7.Easy DIY Branch Swing Ledge; Bring the nature indoors with a branch swing ledge for the nursery.

8.Crafty Paper Birds; These little paper birds are very easy to make and make the room like alive, these are great if you don’t have the liberty of painting your walls.

9.Jewelry Holder Frame with and Antique Touch; Don’t you just hate it when you jewelry gets tangled up? Well this way you keep them hanged and in order.

10.Fall Leaf Basins; Why not invite the season changes into your home with our DIY fall leaf basins, they so crafty and creatively superb!

11.Colorful Mason Jars; The factor regarding jars is, we can’t stand the thought of throwing them away! We suppose they might be recycled or given away however I keep them instead.  We found a reasonably way to re-purpose our previous jars. It’s all about DIY and these days it’s all regarding Colorful Mason Jars.

Driftwood Glow; Simply replace the curtain rails behind the headboard with an ornamentation made of strands of beads, seashells and pendant prisms, wrapped around a wood branch.

DIY Wooden Seahorse; Get creative with tracing paper and few supplies from your nearby crafts store, all you need is bag full of straight driftwood, hard cardboard, pencil, box cutter, glue gun.

14.Turn Door Into A Table; This is a great idea the whole family can take part in, find the perfect wooden and glass door, then make legs for it after that enjoy using glass stain paint to make the different colors. Let it dry then spray paint any color you desire!

15.Trendy Dream Catcher; Why not give a fresh contemporary inspiration to your trendy dream catches and be the envy of all your friends and family by custom making your own version.

16.DIY Pretty Candle Holders; Charm every room with DIY cute looking candle holders, and fun with a little paint on glass jars or bottles.

17.Make Pendant Lamps; These are eco-friendly with the use uncommon materials, giving of a softer lighting in the room. Who doesn’t love a trendy and feminine touch as the perfect bold statement for your homes?

18.Animal Magnets; Transform plastic animals into amazing magnets, simply with magnet circles, box cutter, spray paint and hard glue.

19.Pegboard Headboard DIY Style; Instead of jotting things down and forgetting where you put them, just peg them down on you creative headboard.

20.Flower Mirror; Enjoy making this DIY project by simply using plastic spoons!