Stylish Industrial Home Decorations DIYs

Stylish Industrial Home Decorations DIYs: 18. DIY Laundry Bag Holder

Stylish Industrial Home Decorations DIYs: 18. DIY Laundry Bag Holder

Believe it or not but you can bring in an industrial style to the way you decorate your home, office or business. It might seem like a strange way to decorate any area, but it is absolutely creative and unique. It is a decorative style that you do not get to see every day and that is exactly what makes it all worth it. With the incredible ideas we have for you here, you will be able to turn any room into an absolutely modern and stylish masterpiece. Take a look at these DIYs and be amazed!

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Box Shelves

These shelves are shaped as boxes, though without all the covering sides. The covered ends ensure that whatever it is that you place on the shelves, does not fall. On one of the sides of the shelves, you can decide to place books, and on the other, you can keep small decorations such as picture frames or scented candles.

Simple Shelf

Your shelf being placed on a corner is creativity on its own, so, you can use a simple shelf and it would still look absolutely outstanding. You can decide to place your shelf in any room really. You can use it for books in the room where you do your reading, or for keeping some spices in the kitchen.

Mobile Shelf

Corner shelves do not necessarily have to fixed or attached to the wall. For example, these shelves are shaped to fit into an inner corner. You can easily move them so to place them in any corner that you want. You can also choose the number of shelves you want, for specific corners.

DIY Solid Wood 3D Shelf

To add more uniqueness and creativity to your corner shelf, you can give it a bit off life and make it 3D. The protruding parts of the shelf can also be used to place more objects. You can use this shelf for small home decorations.

Block Shelf

Depending on the size of the block you use for this shelf, the block is probably going to be heavy. So to avoid the falling of the shelf, you have to make sure that the shelf is firmly attached to the wall. You can also choose to add a light to the bottom of a shelf to use as a lamp as well.

DIY Door Shelf

If you have a door that is not being used, you can re-use it by turning it into a corner shelf. Cut the door in half, lengthwise, then attached each piece to each side of the corner. Then add shelves to the door. This idea best works with inside corners. Paint the door with an attractive lively color for a more artsy look.

Step Shelf

This idea somehow resembles steps. It is the perfect idea if you do not want plain and ordinary shelves. For this, you can decide to use pieces of wood that are the same size, or play around with the sizes so to create different shapes for the shelves.

Semicircular Step Shelves

The semicircular shape of the part shelf gives the whole thing a classy look. You can use this shelf for decorations such as vases, scented candles or even picture frames. You also need to make sure that the color of the shelves match with the colors in the room so that it all blends in well together.

Book Shelf

This corner shelf is perfect if you like reading. You can place the shelves on the wall above that particular heater so that you can utilize that space. The shelves can look plain and ordinary, so that the books you place on them speak volume. In that corner, under the shelves, you can place your reading chair, so that you can get comfortable as you read.

Whole Wall Shelves

Choose a corner in your house that you would not mind having a lot of shelves in. In this particular corner, you can attach shelves so to fit the whole whole. You can choose to use this corner full of shelves to put anything of your choice, whether it is books, picture frames or even just decorations. Anything would work for these corner shelves.

Blending Shelves

You can paint your corner shelves into the same color as the wall on which they are attached. This means that the shelves will blend in with the wall. What will show that there are shelves in that corner are the objects that you place on the shelves. It would be best if the objects placed on these shelves are in a different color as both the wall and the shelves. This can also give an illusion that the objects are just hanging in the air.

Narrow Shelves

Narrow corner shelves are best placed in a small corner, so to be able to use that small space as well. These shelves can be placed on a corner that is behind a door or even on the side of a window. The narrow shelves are an awesome way to keep your books in order.

Christmas Tree Shelves

In one of your living room corners, you can attach shelves that resemble the shape of a Christmas tree. The top shelf is to be the smallest and the bottom the widest. During the rest of the year, the shelves can be used for something else and during Christmas, you can decorate the shelves so that they look like a Christmas tree. This is not only creative, but will help you not have to buy a new Christmas tree every year.

Bathroom Corner Shelf

The shelves are best placed on the corner that is nearest to the bathroom sink. you can place hooks under the bottom shelf so to hand towels and on the shelves, you can place soaps and other bathroom decorations.

Wide Shelves

I really love these shelves! I love the space between the shelves just as much as I love the way the shelves are nice and wide. To make the shelves look even better, you can choose the perfect color for them. If your wall is painted in bright colors such as cream and white, then mahogany will be the best color the shelves, and if your walls are a dark dull color such as brown or black, then white or cream color for the shelves will be best.

Barred Shelves

If you have children, the chances of you having tons of children’s book is high, I would like to think. If that is the case, then this set of barred shelves will be perfect for you.  You can decide the height of the shelves as well. The reason the shelves are barred is so to be able to hold the books in a scenario where your child takes and puts back books.

Entrance Hook Shelves

To avoid making your entrance room crowded, you can place shelves and hook in the corner of the room. Place one shelf on top of hooks where you keep keys and coats. On the shelves, you can place some picture frames or just simple decorations. And at the very bottom, you can place a shelf that serves as a seat as well. You can keep your outdoor shoes under the bottom shelf and can easily use that same bottom shelf as a bench so to seat as you put on the shoes.

Separated shelves

These corner shelves do not have to join in the middle. You can attach different shelves to the two sides of the corner in so that they do not join, but instead make a pattern in the middle. This is quite a simple DIY for you.

Pantry Corner Shelves

Pantries are usually small rooms. So, to add more storage places for your food, you can attach corner walls to the inside corners of the pantry. These shelves do not have to be fancy at all. Simple and easy to install.

Easy to do Shelves

These shelves are probably the easiest shelves to attach to your corner. They also guarantee to be strong and steady because they are drilled into the wall.