Stylish Industrial Home Decorations DIYs

Stylish Industrial Home Decorations DIYs: 17. Elbow Pipe Light Holder

Stylish Industrial Home Decorations DIYs: 17. Elbow Pipe Light Holder

Believe it or not but you can bring in an industrial style to the way you decorate your home, office or business. It might seem like a strange way to decorate any area, but it is absolutely creative and unique. It is a decorative style that you do not get to see every day and that is exactly what makes it all worth it. With the incredible ideas we have for you here, you will be able to turn any room into an absolutely modern and stylish masterpiece. Take a look at these DIYs and be amazed!

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Below you will find ideas on how to decorate your kitchen and some tips to make better use of the spaces or decorations that help you to make the kitchen more organized. Let’s check ?!


To facilitate, I separated the post in tips and ideas for kitchen decoration: first five general and essential suggestions (that are valid for other rooms in the house as well) and then 15 ideas on how you can decorate your kitchen.

Tips for Kitchen Decorating 

Search the materials

When we talk about decoration, it is always important to research the best materials that we will use in each room, especially in the case of kitchen environments, which have restrictions compared to the rooms, for example. Remember to choose materials that can get wet that does not absorb a lot of heat, are not flammable and are not very difficult to clean.


Do not be afraid to innovate

Many times we are afraid to invest in a more daring kitchen decoration, so forget the pre-established rules of what can and can not be used in the kitchen (with exceptions of safety rules, of course). Nowadays you find more and more different decorations, creative and unusual, from different floors to cabinets with strong colors.



As with all spaces in your home, be aware of lighting when planning your kitchen décor. It is the detail that can make all the difference to large areas, and especially to small spaces – bright light tends to make spaces appear larger than they are. It is with her that you will determine if your kitchen is more intimate, cozy, modern or traditional, for example.


Tailor the decor to your routine

But if you are a person who does not spend so much time in the kitchen, or if no one in your home is very involved in cooking, for example, you do not have to worry so much about practicality, and you can invest in ideas that are purely decorative, since they will not disturb you in the day today.


Determine a style for your kitchen

Do you want a cozy kitchen, that passes the feeling of “kitchen of Grandma,” where are made home-cooked meals, or do you want a modern and imposing kitchen, which gives the sense of a practical and clean space? If you already pre-determined what style of decoration you want for your kitchen, it is much easier to assemble a range of colors to be used, choose materials and even decorative accessories.

Kitchen Decoration Ideas

Minimalist with a touch of color

If you like lighter and cleaner-looking spaces, opting for a minimalist style is a great idea. So that area is not too cold and impersonal, just add a touch of color to the details: utensils, vases, decorative objects. And white does not have to be your enemy: opt for purposes that are easy to clean with smooth surfaces, for example.

Colorful Furniture

This idea is for those who like to innovate and like brave decorations: use strong colors on kitchen furniture. The result is very modern and fun, but it is also easier to get bored, so choose the color with affection!

Pots and Utensils in the Decoration

Here in the blog I even gave this idea when I shared ways to organize the pots. And the result is very cool and solves the problem of who do not have much space to store the jars or utensils: that way you can organize and decorate the kitchen at the same time.

Coifa as a Highlight

Although not everyone uses the hood, if you are considering purchasing one for your kitchen, you can opt for a distinctive, colorful or environmentally-minded model. It can be the touch of color, elegance or innovation that your kitchen needs!


If you liked the idea of ​​colorful furniture and the use of color on a large scale, but are afraid of using stronger colors, the good idea is to bring more pastels to your kitchen

Blue and Green Style

A light blue, for example, will bring a sense of serenity, just as a yellow, even clear, will bring joy to your space.

Blackboard for Kitchen

The idea of ​​the blackboard is not restricted to rooms and offices and can marry very well in the kitchen. In addition to being a place where you can write things that need to be bought and replaced, task rooms or even recipes that you will use, which is quite practical, it also brings a modern and fun decor to the kitchen.

Colorful Ceiling

For those who like to innovate and different and unusual decorations, paying attention to the kitchen ceiling may be what was needed to make it unique and exciting. You can use a wallpaper, paint or even make a different drawing with cardboard.

Fun Wallpaper for Kitchen

Wallpaper is one of the most inexpensive and simple ways to decorate a space. I mentioned it several times here on the blog, and I even explained how to apply wallpaper. For kitchens, vinyl wallpaper is ideal, and you can use it to cabinets and countertops or half-walls if you want a more understated result.

Monochrome Decoration

Another cool idea is to make a monochrome decoration. From white to black – the most traditional and typical, or another color of your choice, such as a green scale, this is an excellent idea for anyone who wants a kitchen with color but is afraid to make combinations. And it is still possible to fit in different types of decorations since the color and tone used to make all the difference.

Kitchen Shelves Decoration

Shelves and shelves can be a high decorative factor. In the case of those who have a lot, lockers are better options because they end up “hiding the mess,” and you do not have to worry too much about how things arranged. In contrast, shelves and shelves have a great charm and can allocate not only decorative objects, but also useful kitchen utensils, such as pots, glasses, bowls, or smaller utensils.

Innovates in Finish

White or black bricks, stones, hydraulic tiles or glass inserts are just some of the options you can use in your kitchen. It can be the big highlight of your space, especially if it is a coating of different color, texture or pattern. You can also change the lining of only a part of the wall, which is a much cheaper investment.

Creative Floor for Kitchen Decoration

Another item that if you can invest, it is worth innovating, it is the floor. A creative and different floor that escapes the ordinary will bring a more special air to your kitchen! If you want a very cozy kitchen, for example, you can opt for a porcelain tile that imitates wood. If you want a very modern kitchen, a geometric floor will fit perfectly!

Decorative Frames for Kitchen

Frames are decorative joker accessories. They come in various sizes and types (traditional oil paintings, photos, even plaques with funny sayings or motivational phrases). You can find several cool templates on the internet, and you can also make the pictures yourself – just find an art you like, print and place on glass frames.

Kitchen Decoration with Cookbooks

Books are great for decoration, as I mentioned in my post about decorations, and why not use them to paint your kitchen? You can have some recipe books or the theme related to space. To prevent damage to the books, avoid putting them too close to the stove and use the cooker (if you have one) when cooking especially greasy things. You can also layer them with clear plastic.