Stylish Industrial Home Decorations DIYs

Stylish Industrial Home Decorations DIYs: 14. Wine Glass Holder

Stylish Industrial Home Decorations DIYs: 14. Wine Glass Holder

Believe it or not but you can bring in an industrial style to the way you decorate your home, office or business. It might seem like a strange way to decorate any area, but it is absolutely creative and unique. It is a decorative style that you do not get to see every day and that is exactly what makes it all worth it. With the incredible ideas we have for you here, you will be able to turn any room into an absolutely modern and stylish masterpiece. Take a look at these DIYs and be amazed!

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If you have 7-10 year old kids in your house then you can make them a gift by putting few things liked by kids such as paintbrushes, stopwatch, spoons etc. together in a glove and present them saying that Santa Claus left it for them. It would bring a big smile to their face.

Putting some candies and chocolates in a Christmas tree shaped cardboard box is also a very good looking and inexpensive gift.

Reuse an empty glass bottle, put some sweets in it and put a label of merry Christmas on it. If the heart of a person whom you are going to give this gift is as sweet as the sweets inside the bottle then he or she is will like this gift.

You can make a bottle opener with a small piece of wood and iron nail. Bend an iron nail and attach it with this piece of wood in such way that it easily grips the bottles’ cap easily and then ii can be pulled in other direction in order to open it. It a very simple and useful gift.

You can decorate your gifts by wrapping them by simple string and sticking small pine cones to them. It not only tells about your creative mind but also makes your gifts attractive.

Cut a small cardboard carton in such a way that it has separate sections for keeping wine or beer bottles. Attach a tag which reads ‘Merry Christmas’ after placing beer bottles in this box. And your gift is ready to be given.

Decorate a cushion by stitching a Christmas tree out of cloth. This Christmas would be recalled every time someone uses this cushion.

Hang different colored socks on the wall of your house after decorating them. This would surprise every member of the family.

These were few easy and cheap ideas to make gifts for your family members. So what are you waiting for, start making these gifts for your family members.