Incredible DIYs for Valentine’s Cards

10. Heart Flower

10. Heart Flower

Giving gifts and cards is a norm for Valentine’s Day. This year, instead of having to buy some cards to give to your valentine, why not make them on your own. This way, Valentine’s cards will have an added value. They will have a personal meaning to both you the giver and the person to whom the card will be given to, th receiver. The awesome part about these DIYs is that they are not costly to make, and are also not difficult to make. Here are 12 great DIYs for you to try out.

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Small Space Collage

This photo collage is placed in a small space, preferably between two pieces of furniture. This is so to utilize even the littlest of space on your wall with photos. This idea is brilliant because you will not have to put your photos in frames, but, the furniture that is at both sides of the photos will somewhat act as the frame.

DIY Instagram Photo Wall

This collage is in the shape of an Instagram wall. The photos are arranged in a square/ rectangular pattern, and all the photos are the same size. The size and pattern of the photos will make the collage look unique and tidy at the same time.

Clock Collage

This DIY is absolutely brilliant! It takes creativity to a whole new level. This photo collage is shaped as a clock. The photos are placed in a way that they substitute the numbers on a clock. This is basically killing two birds with one stone. Not only will you be getting an awesome photo collage, but you will also be getting a large wall clock.

DIY Pallet Collage

Pallets can be used for all sorts of things, including making an awesome photo collage. You can choose to use a pallet of any size you choose. A small pallet means smaller photos and fewer photos, whilst a large pallet means more photos and bigger sized photos.

Jute Collage

For this DIY all you need is jute thread and wooden pegs. Make sure that the wall you place your collage on is plain so that all the attention is on the photos.

Wooden Frame and Jute

This DIY involves attaching jute thread to a large wooden frame. You can decide on how many lines of jute threads you want in the frame. You can add the photos by using wooden pegs to peg the photos to the jute thread.

Stairs collage

If you are all about using even the smallest places and unique places, then this DIY is great for you. It is quite unique and creative. You can make your stairways a lot more interesting and creative.

Board Collage

I absolutely love this DIY! It is a a wooden board covered in photos. This idea is best when you use photos of the same color theme. You could use black and white photos. So, this board can be used for other decorations such as lettering.

Whole Wall Collage

This idea is very creative and unique. It involves using a whole wall for your photos. With this idea, you can make the size of the photos big. This is different and will definitely make the whole room look amazing. Make sure that tge color theme of the photos blend in well with the colors of the room.

Heart Shaped Collage

This DIY is incredible! You get to play around with shapes to make any type of collage. For example this collage is heart shaped. Small photos are the best to use if you want to make difficult shapes for your collage.

Party Collage

For those parties you will have, you might want to include some photos as decoration. This idea is amazing idea will be the best for you to use.

Picture Frames

This is an incredible way of putting together your picture frames. You can turn your ordinary looking frames into incredible art by arranging them in creative ways.

Map Collage

For this, you can use the world map. This is a brilliant idea where you get to put your photos as the different shaped parts of the world or country in which the pictures were taken.

Whole board Collage

This basically involves sticking small pictures all over a large board, until the board is fully covered. It might seem messy, but it is best when this collage is in a room that is used for relaxing. This is for rooms that are casual.

Creative Frames

For this, instead of using the common and ordinary picture frames, you can use creatively shaped picture frames. You can place these frames on the same wall, and their different shapes and sizes will make the wall look beautiful.

Door Collage

If you are all about being artsy and creative, this is a must try. It involves using a door as a place to stick your phots. You can use any inside side of the any door in your home, preferable, use a door that would easily be seen by the others.

Wall of Frames

This DIY is best used if you have a large plain wall. On the wall, place different sized picture frames so that it covers the whole wall from top to bottom. This will make the entire room look different and creative. You can also decide to hang some other decorations on the wall just to add little more uniqueness.

 Brunch Collage

This DIY involves using a small tree brunch and attaching your photos to strings that are connected to the brunch. This will make the wall look amazing.

Frames Gallery Inspiration

If you really prefer using picture frames, then here are some ideas for you. With this DIY you get to look at different ways to hang your picture frames. Get to be creative with the way you hang your photo frames.