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2. DIY Bamboo Table

2. DIY Bamboo Table

A nature person turns to want to involve nature in just about anything and everything. If you are this kind of person, then you have come to the right place. Sit back, relax and enjoy this article. Here, you will find some incredibly creative ways that you can bring nature into your home in the form of bamboo. No worries though, these ideas can just as well be used indoors even if you are not much of a nature person. With these ideas, you will get to learn just how your home or office can have a gorgeous look at feel at the same time.

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1.Start off with a DIY storage ladder which is perfect for your bathroom. Hang your towels and clothes on it. Also create mini baskets that can be hung on the ladder and hold in them your bathing essentials and cosmetics. Cool and efficient huh?

2.Find an old crate and install rollers on it. This becomes easily movable and can easily slide under your bed saving your space and maximizing on the little space you have. Alternatively if its too much of a big box to slide under the bed use it also as a mini coffee table for your room.

3.Who said your ottoman chairs are to only serve one purpose. Create ottomons that have mini book space for your collection. Usually a person has around 2-6 ottomans in the house. Collectively that amounts to a lot of book space.

4.Shoes are the worst. They make the house so untidy if not stored probably. That can all change if you make yourself a shoe storage bench. This is such a good idea because it can also be used to sit. Very useful and keep your shoes safe.

5.If you feel hanging your keys everywhere makes your house untidy which it does actually then this one if for you. Create with pallets a picture frame and have your keys hung inside of the frame. It is also a safety feature too.

6.One of the best ideas, creating a rustic antique cabinet in your bathroom. Use this to store your bathroom essentials and also medication and other things. It can be constructed with the use of old wood and pallets. Very stylish.

7.Your bathroom will love this one. A woody caddy and put robes or even ribbons for the ladies to make it easy to move around.  This can house your shower sponges, bath salts and so one. I love it.

8.Mason jars are so cute and can be very efficient. Even in the bathroom take out your bathsalts on to these jars for s more elegant and sophisticated finish.

9.Yes your jewelry does not have to be scattered everywhere causing a health hazard to you and your family. Nor does have to be cramped up in a box making it hard for you to find a pair of ear rings. Consider this jewelry organizer. It is cute, quick and easy to make but most importantly it will serve purpose.

10.Not only does this work as a storage shelf but it is also good for decorating too. You can have your wood even painted in any color you desire.

Now go on stop complaining about space and make the most of the little you have. Enjoy 😉