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10. Open House Bamboo Decor

10. Open House Bamboo Decor

A nature person turns to want to involve nature in just about anything and everything. If you are this kind of person, then you have come to the right place. Sit back, relax and enjoy this article. Here, you will find some incredibly creative ways that you can bring nature into your home in the form of bamboo. No worries though, these ideas can just as well be used indoors even if you are not much of a nature person. With these ideas, you will get to learn just how your home or office can have a gorgeous look at feel at the same time.

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1.Christmas lights or just ordinary string lights can add a great sense of ambiance to any room and make it feel welcoming and a bit fun to be in. you can drape them over your bed post, ceiling chandelier or on the wall.

2.Adding a bit of nature to a room will make a big difference to the feel and energy of the room. This easy DIY trick, all you need is a tin, some rope and the actual plant. Just don’t forget to punch holes in the bottom of the tin. This is how to make an easy succulent pot to place in your home.

3.Stickers on walls are great because they are not as permanent and expensive as paint and you can always remove them once you move. They are even better now because they come in various forms such as pictures of flowers or animals and quotes.

4.Lava lamps have a great feel, you can make them in any size and place them anywhere in your home. The effect will be great and add a bit more flavor, color and spice up your home décor. Plus you can move them around the house and move with them once you do.

5.If you have a few pieces of material around you could make this balled centipede by using different shaped balls covered in a material of your choice, this is fun and will add a touch of personality to your living space.

6.Pieces of fabric are great for the versatility, even if it is an old pillow case you just want to throw away, think about it and maybe turn it into a quoted banner that you can hang up anywhere in the house.

7.Vases are great with or without flowers, of course more often with flowers, but for now, just make sure you have one like this gold rimmed vase that you can make yourself with this easy DIY trick.

8.Using colored tape to make frames for your pictures as they hang on the wall, this is great because you can make one large design when you add your pictures to the wall and it will be easy to remove when moving.

9.Make sure you have a lot of pillows, they fill up what would be an otherwise empty room. You can always get them in different shapes and sizes to add to different feels and textures that you are going with in your theme.

10.Decoration ideas like this can add a sense of style to any room.  Decoration tape is great because it can come with many patterns and decorations that will be suitable for the theme you are suing in any of the rooms you are decorating.

11.People often forget that the space on a ceiling can be used for a lot more fun things other than just being an empty space. You can make this yarn chandeliers, that are light in weight and colorful. Blow up the balloon to the size of the yarn chandelier you want and after it dries you can hang out in style. The effect will look amazing on the celing.

12.Mason jars serve multiple purposes, such as glitter jars you can make to have a few extra storage places in your newly decorated home. You can also use different colored glitter to play around and make an image of something or just to give your mason jar a rainbow feel and perhaps add a pop of color to the room.

13.Plain shelves from places like Ikea are great because they allow you to do anything you want with the shelve space including making a book shelve or just having a lovely centre piece that lightens and brightens up your room.

14.Use stickers, washing tape or colored pieces of paper to play with your wall and add a bit of fun color to it. Don’t be afraid to try other shapes like triangles or squares. This is a great DIY idea of a renter who is decorating their room.

15.Make a couch from pallets so that you can have a comfortable place to sit and some storage space for your books. This is great especially when your living space is smaller and you have to maximize on everything to your advantage.

16.This idea is fun because you can pick whatever image you like in order to make it a bit more fun or colorful. You can make the storage rack or have a space to hang your bags, baskets or jackets. Perhaps just something to look at while taking off your jacket and also to show ff your personality at the door.

17.Make your own candle holder exactly as you want it with this easy DIY trick that uses an old glass with colorful paper and some mod podge to finalize everything.

18.If you love dream  catchers but don’t have the money to buy any, make your own and it will be fun and you can add anything that you would like to see on your dream catcher.  Use your favorite colored string and add more than just feathers. You can also add shells, pieces of light jewelry you don’t use and colored bottle tops.