Easy Diy Furniture Makeovers Ideas

Easy Diy Furniture Makeovers Ideas 1.1

Easy Diy Furniture Makeovers Ideas 1.1

I think is the best for a creative person finding something old and making some new and useful things with DIY ideas. I sure that things which are you made by your hands will be your favorite. DIY for me not a new hobby. I started to make my projects for many years ago. Now ı share with you some of them are great and not expensive. These furniture ideas will inspire you. You need just some time and really so cheap things. Let’s start.

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  • 3. Punch the Box

Pumpkin Golf

This is basically mini golf with using a carved empty pumpkin shell as the hole. It does not need much to make this Pumpkin Golf possible. You will need the empty pumpkin shell, a strip of a carpet or mat, some golf balls and plastic clubs. You can place this anywhere you think suitable.

Dollar Store Witch Pitch

This game basically involves throwing small plastic balls into a number of witch pots. You can buy these witch pots for a dollar and bellow. Place these pots in any fun formation you please then place a paper witch at the head. You can have the children take turns to throw the plastic balls into the pots.

Punch the Box

This game is easy to make. You will need some plastic cups, candy, easy to tear paper and a cardboard. First, cut out circles in the cardboard the size of the mouth of the plastic cups. Then, you  stick the easy tear paper to cover the circles you cut out from the cardboard. Lastly, put some candy into the plastic cups and stick the cups behind the easy tear paper. The way to play this game is having the kids punch the paper randomly to see what kind of candy is in each of the cups.

Pebble Trolls

This game is the Halloween version of ‘Xs and Os’. You will need to paint pebbles into different colored trolls. Have the kids use one color as the ‘Xs’ and the other as the ‘Os’. You can have the children play this on a Halloween themed board that you can also easy make at home.

DIY Halloween Bowling Set

To make this bowling set, you can use some wooden blocks. On the blocks, you can stick some colored paper or cloth. Then, stick some plastic eyes and other facial details like the mouth and teeth. You can make each block to be themed from certain cartoon characters to make it even more interesting.

Pumpkin Twister

For this, you will need one large piece of plain colored cloth, and smaller different colored cloths. Make sure you have 4 pieces of each color. You can use some typical Halloween colors such as orange green and black. Then, cut out the smaller pieces of cloth into pumpkin shapes and sew them onto the large plain cloth. Then, make a board, just like that of an ordinary twister game. Then voila!

Pumpkin Ring Toss

This involves using pumpkins that have a bit of a long stamp. This way, it will be much easier to throw the rings onto the stamps. To make the rings, you can use cardboard. You can then paint the cut out rings into any color you please.

Monster Bean Bag Toss

Your children and their guests will absolutely love this game! You will need to use a wooden board for this. On the board, draw an outline of a friendly monster. Then, cut out the mouth from the board. Make sure that the mouth space is big enough to have bean bags thrown through it. Then, you can paint in the monster outline. Add some plastic sticky eyes and some the teeth. To play this game, the children will be throwing bean bags through the monsters mouth.

Donuts on a String

This game involves tying some donuts so that they are mouth height for the children. The key idea to how this game is played is, the children have to try to eat the donuts without using their hands. This will be a fun way for the kids to compete and enjoy themselves.

Balloon Piñata

One of the simplest games to do is this one. It involves putting some confetti into balloons then blowing the balloons. Tie the balloons and let them hang. Make sure that they are a bit high so that the children can use sticks to pop them. When the balloons are popped, the confetti will fall. The kids will definitely love this!

Spider Races

To make the spiders for this game, you will simply have to cut them out from Manila paper. Place the cut spiders on a plain sheet of paper. Then, the children can use straws to blow the spiders so that they move. You can create races from this.

Spider Threading

This game is simple. You will need to stick some painted and decorated sticks on a circular cut cardboard. Then, the game will basically be the children placing cut out spiders onto the sticks. The one who manages to put the most spiders onto the stick gets some candy.

Pumpkin Patch Counting

This game is excellent for children who are learning how to count. As much as it is a party game, it is also an educative game. Write some numbers, one to twenty for example, on some pieces of paper. Then cut out some paper pumpkins and stick them onto small sticks. You can use Popsicle sticks for this. Then, put some holes onto a cardboard surface, big enough to have the sticks go through but not fall in. have the kids pull out different numbers. They have to stick the pumpkins according to the numbers they pick.

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This is probably the easiest game to set up. What you need to do is stick some tissue paper randomly in your passage way, from one wall to another to form some kind of a barrier. The children will have to go through, under, and over the tissue paper to get to the other side.