Creative Diy Projects Ideas

Creative Diy Projects Ideas 1

Creative Diy Projects Ideas 1

A wood stool is a common furniture item found in practically any house and it is convenient for a wide variety of purposes. With regular use the wooden stool may end up looking old and worn out. But, do not throw it away because there are various things you can do to give it a quick facelift and make it look like new. You could easily refurbish your stool by adding some cushion to it and repainting it.

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Plastic cup Light Globe

The part I love about this DIY is that I can to reuse and recycle. You can simply wash some already used clear plastic cups to make this globe. It involves sticking together the plastic cups to make a ball like shape, and punching in some holes into the cups so to place your Christmas lights. You can then hang these from the ceiling.

Foam Ball Snowman

Foam balls can easily be used to make little snowmen. You can stick two balls together. Then, dip one ball into some Christmas colored glitters after you have covered it in glue. You can decide to apply glue on the ball in a certain pattern so that when dipped in glitter, that pattern pops out.

Woolen Snowman

To make this snowman, you will need to use some white wool thread. Dip the wool into some liquid papier Mache glue. Then, wrap the thread on balloons blown into the sizes you want for snowman. When the thread dries up, you can then pop the balloons. Place the balloons one on top of the other. You can then add the details to finish your snowman.

Paper Cone Trees

Roll some papers into cones. Then, you stick some colored strings onto the cones to make random patterns. Before the strings dry up, you can add some beads onto your tree so that they whole tree dries up together. You can place these trees anywhere you please.

Multicolored Trees

To make these trees, you can also use some paper cones. On the paper cones, you can stick some green and red cut up paper. Make sure to cut up the paper so to give the trees a popping effect. You can then add use glue, or some pins to stick the colored pieces to the cones. Add a little star or ribbon to the top of the trees so to complete the tree.

Macaroni Christmas Trees

For these trees, you also will need to use some paper cones. On the cones, stick some macaroni in a spiral pattern. When that has dried up, you can then spray paint over the cones. You can spray paint the cones with some gold so that the macaroni and cones are the same color. You can then add some green Christmas decoration ribbons so to give your macaroni trees some realistic color. You can then complete these trees by adding little ornament or beads and a star at the top.

Simple mini Trees

Spray paint some pine cones with any Christmas colors you wish. Then, you can simply use some beads as the tree decorations. You can add a ribbon or a star at the top of the pine cone and place pine cone into a plant pot. This will make it look like a miniature Christmas tree.

Pinecone Christmas Trees

For this, you also must use some pinecones. Spray paint the pinecones with some green paint. You can then make sure that you use some Christmas colored little ornaments to decorate the pinecones. You can lastly stick some cotton wool at the bottom of the pinecone trees and place little gifts. This will make some adorable little Christmas trees to use for your decorations.

Pom poms Pinecone ornaments

For this DIY, the pinecones will not be the Christmas trees, but instead, the ornaments. You can stick some different colored little fluff balls onto the pinecones. You then attach strings to the pinecones so to use to hang them onto your tree. This will be best used for white Christmas trees.

Twig Christmas Trees

This may sound unusual, but it is absolutely creative. You must use some twigs to make some Christmas trees to hang around. Place the twigs horizontally and tie them together. To tie them together, make sure you use a string that will also allow you to hang the trees from it. You can then stick some beads onto the twig trees.

String on Paper Christmas trees

For this, you simply need to cut out some triangles from some manila papers. The triangles can be of any size and color you please. You can then stick some colored string to the triangles. It would be better if the triangle and the strings are not the same addition to the string, you can stick some beads so to complete the trees.

Cotton Circle Snowman

For this, you can sew together two circular pieces of cotton wool. Then, you simply tie a mini scarf to the joining point and sew on a small piece of orange cloth for the snowman’s nose and some brown woolen thread for the hands, and sew on a little black hat on the head. You can use tiny black beads for the eyes and mouth.

Fluff ball Snowman

You can sew together a small fluff ball to a slightly bigger one. You can then use a Christmas colored ribbon for the snowman’s scarf, woolen thread for the snowman’s earmuffs and sew on some eyes and nose. You can then use some beads to make the buttons on the snowman.

Paper and Twig Trees

To make these trees, you will need to cut out some colored paper to look like Christmas tree leaves and branches. You can then stick those to some twigs. You can then lastly stick the twigs to some bigger circular pieces of wood. You can then place these Christmas trees to stand anywhere you please.

Twig snowflakes and stars

This absolutely takes creativity to a whole new level. You simply have to stick together some twigs to make snowflakes and stars. These can then be hang in your Christmas trees or anywhere else you please. This will definitely bring a nature and earthy feel indoors.

Orange Peel decorations

The best part about using orange peels is that they not only do they bring in a bright color in your decorations, but they also bring in a beautiful scent. You can cut up the orange peels into little stars and place them among your other natural decorations such as twig trees or pinecone trees.

Orange Christmas Shapes

To make these, you will have to use cookie cutters to make the Christmas shapes from the orange peels. When you have cut the shapes out, place them on a dry area so that they dry up without rotting. You can then attach some string to the shapes for hanging. These shapes can be hung in Christmas trees.

Stair Rail Fun

If you do not know what to do with the staircase railing, then this is an excellent DIY for you. All you will need to do is to stick some cotton wool onto the railing, then stick some penguins in a way that makes them look as though they are sliding down on some ice. This is quite fun and creative.

Snow Shoe Print

For this, you can draw up your shoe print on a piece of paper. Cut out the shoe print. Take the main piece of paper you cut out the shoe print from and use it as a stencil. Place it wherever you want the shoe prints to be. Then, use some pieces of cotton wool, or fake snow to fill in the cut out bits. Carefully lift the stencil and you will have yourself some perfect footprints.

Candy Cane Vase

To make this, you can use a container that will allow some candy cane to stand fully. Then, place the candy cane into the container with the hooks facing the outside. Make sure that the candy canes are arranged perfectly that no part of the container is showing. You can then place some red roses into this candy cane vase.