The Best 25 DIY Ideas For Small Indoor Spaces

The Best 25 DIY Ideas For Small Indoor Spaces 12

The Best 25 DIY Ideas For Small Indoor Spaces 12

Finding the right balance with your big rooms and small rooms and making them fit perfectly together is always a problem. A small room is a hard place to decorate or revamp because it seems like such a small and cramped space and we always fear that instead of making it better we would just instead make it worse, I’ve been there before. Here we will give you the best guide to your small spaces and hope you find something beautiful for your own space.

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1.You can use this rustic basket to  put your flowers in and hang it up anywhere in the yard, it looks good.

2.Use rope to wrap around a flower pot and color it anyhow you like, a nice and neat idea.

3.Hang an old picture frame or make a wooden piece like this one, it makes for a good stand for your flower pots.

4.You can use some snail shells to put little floral decorations all over the yard in this manner, a nice and creative idea for any home.

5.If you have an old cabinet that you no longer have use for, this idea might be good, just simply paint it and give it a facelift and make this amazing floral space.

6.You will need cement and some arts and crafts experience to make this once, but the end result looks amazing and it really long lasting.

7.Here is another example, a nicely placed flower pot which will last long, you could add a lamp for an extra touch for the evenings.

8.Don’t let your old tires go to waste, this is one great way which your tires could be re used and its great.

9.Paint cans may look a mess when you’re done with them but this idea would make you seem like a real creative genius. A nice and creative one.

10.Woven baskets have always been a great idea for the yard, these ones make for neat and beautiful flower pots.

11.Creativity is this. You could paint any of your flower pots into something amazing like this floppy disk idea, amazing!

12.Use your old mugs and cups to put little small flowers or plats around the yard, they look creative and totally not boring.

13.An old bicycle doesn’t need to be thrown away, here is a simple idea that you could use it for.

14.For those with a little more time on their hands, with small blocks of wood  like this.

15.These tin cans could be really be painted and repurposed in many ways, this is one of the ideas, you can use any size that fills your need.

16.Another great idea that can be made using tin cans, this tin bucket is lined with small pebbles and turns out this way, all you need is some glue.

17.An old bird cage that has been re purposed, great idea for the porch.

18.Some of the old kitchen items can really come in handy, baking trays especially.

19.A wooden structure like this would not cost much to build and paint, a nice and cheap solution.

20.These flower pots are amazing, a great idea because you can add a self watering system to the whole thing.

21 – 25.Some more great ideas for you to have a look at and try out.