Amazing Small Bathroom Decorating Tips and Tricks

One of the great challenges of moving to a small apartment is the bathroom. As they are getting smaller and smaller, it is difficult to think of how to make a different, beautiful and special decoration. So I decided to gather tips and ideas to make up the small bathroom decor.

I am sure the ideas in this post will make the timing of decorating choices much more comfortable and will help you leave your bathroom with your face as well as beautiful!

Light-colored coatings

When choosing the lining of your bathroom walls, be sure to opt for lighter colors and shades that leave the room airier and give a visual feel of clean and spacious surroundings. Also, choose for glossy finishes instead of matte, so light can reflect the walls, increasing the space. One idea to make your bathroom elegant is to use travertine marble. It is a charm!

Floating pot

Nowadays, there are several types of vessels, right? A good choice for small bathroom decor is to use a floating vase. That is because it takes up less visual space, and still has a very modern touch.

1. An example of bathroom with light coating

1. An example of bathroom with light coating

An Example of Bathroom with Light Coating

Leave your sink clean

The more disorganized space is, the tighter it will look. That is because of our perception of its size influenced by many factors, which can cause our brain to see space as greater or less than it is. So it is essential that your workbench be well organized, with a few things as possible. Many objects on the bench can make the impression of a chaotic, tumultuous place.

Is the white best?

Whenever we speak of small environments, we speak of light tones. Talking about little bathroom decor would be no different. However, sometimes there is a fear that a white bathroom may not look nice, or it may seem too sterile. However, there are several ways to play with white, so the environment does not miss the charm: see for white tones, textures, and different materials so that white and white have a more significant visual appeal.

Glass doors

When choosing the door of your stall, avoid opaque, frosted or curtained doors and opt for clear glass doors. Because the glass is transparent, it does not visually weigh the environment and even lets people see the actual size of their space. Curtains and opaque doors cause you to miss a piece of your bathroom because people can not see the rest of the area beyond them.

2. How the transparent door increases the bathroom

2. How the transparent door increases the bathroom

How the Transparent Door Increases the Bathroom

Glass inserts

A suitable coating option for small bathrooms are the glass pellets. Nowadays there are tablets of different sizes and colors, so chances are you will find some that fit perfectly with your bathroom. The idea is to use smaller, lighter colored inserts because dark colors leave the space more massive and large tablets give the impression that the wall is smaller than it is. Another definite point of glass inserts compared to other coatings is that they create a kind of movement when they have several shades, which gives a unique touch to the decoration.

Towel rack at the box door

An excellent way to save space is to put a stainless steel towel rack on the door of the stall. That way, the wall gets cleaner and creates less visual friction, things that give the impression that space is more significant than it is. Also, practical for the person who is taking a bath.

3. The towel rack on the door

3. The towel rack on the door

The Towel Rack on the Door

Add color to details

Increasing a space with bright colors and strong is always a good idea. However, when we are talking about small bathroom decoration, ideally this should be done through accessories or details so that the environment does not get loaded. A yellow flower, a short frame with strong colors or a red vase, are several examples of how to give a touch of color and joy in your space without making the decoration heavy.

Color inside drawers

One of the hardest things when thinking about small bathroom decorating is knowing where to give the touch of color that makes that room special. We always think of apparent options like decorations, but a great way to add a bit of color is to paint the inside of drawers or put some sticker on. Although color does not appear all the time, it makes the organization much more fun and makes your mobile much more special.

4. Adding color inside the drawers

4. Adding color inside the drawers

Floating or built-in shelves

We know how much of something we need to keep in our toilets, and how difficult it is to make such an organization as clean as possible so that space does not look stuck. An excellent choice is the shelves floating or built into the wall itself. That is because they offer you a storage space, but they do not occupy the same visual space of enclosed furniture or colored shelves

Large mirrors

It is no secret that mirrors do an excellent job giving the impression that spaces are more significant than they are. Talking about small bathroom decor, you can not escape one of the most known and most essential suggestions: look for large mirrors, and occupy as much of the wall as you can. If decorating a common bathroom without a shower, consider the option of placing a mirror filling an entire wall – it will help double the visual size of your space!

5. Examples of floating shelves

5. Examples of floating shelves

Continuous floor, with movement or in light tones

Changing the floor of your bathroom can also be a great way to give the impression of a larger space. Some apartment bathrooms usually come ready, but if your floor is too dark, think fondly of some other option. It is an effort and an investment that will be worth it! You can choose a different floor, something more graphic, like a zig-zag floor that creates movement and helps to increase the impression that we have space. Several flooring options build this action and are sure to give your bathroom a differential touch!

Narrow Sinks

Everyone dreams of those huge sinks and tubs of film, but you always have to watch the scale. Nowadays there are models of small sinks, whose depth is not too great, which are an eye candy for the eyes of so beautiful! This sink style usually has a wider width to compensate for the small depth, so be aware of the floor plan of your bathroom to make sure this is the best option for you. For your small bathroom decor to stay harmonious, the scales and shapes need to conform to your floor plan.

6. Decoration on the bathroom floor

6. Decoration on the bathroom floor

Floating Furniture

Just like in the case of the floating vessel, this type of furniture occupies less visual space without compromising the style. Still talking about furniture, remember when choosing the materials and finish, which light furniture or that reflect the light, are always your best options for a smaller space. Also opt for metal or mirror handles, which help in small bathroom decor.

7. Washbasin cabinet

7. Washbasin cabinet

Furniture storage

As with all small spaces, the organization makes a huge difference in the overall impression we have. So give preference to furniture in which you can store things so that your bathroom is as clean and organized as possible. So, opt for furniture with storage space, so items are not left to show, and the bathroom stays easily arranged.

8. A bathtub with a shower

8. A bathtub with a shower

Bath with Shower

An option that is widely used in the United States in small bathroom decor, especially for those who want comfort and does not have much space, is the bathtub with shower. It offers you two bath options, without taking up extra space, the tub ends up serving as a box for those who choose to have a bath with shower, and still has its original bathtub function.

9. Small bathroom decorating tips

9. Small bathroom decorating tips

Do not block windows

Natural light is one of the most important factors when it comes to small spaces, so avoid blocking windows with objects, furniture, and avoid blocking natural light with curtains. If your bathroom does not have enough natural light, work well in artificial lighting and prefer white lights.

It is! I hope you have enjoyed the small bathroom decorating tips and make good use of them. Remember that they do not need to used together, and it is possible to make your bathroom look bigger with just a few of them. Always make decorating choices that have to do with you and your personality, after all, who will be using the bathroom for a long time is you!

Then tell me which of the small bathroom decorating tips you used, which ones liked the most and which ones surprised you! I will love to know!


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