35+ Creative Garden Hacks and Tips

35+ Creative Garden Hacks and Tips 36

35+ Creative Garden Hacks and Tips 36

We all have that garden in backyard that we can always customize so it looks true and inviting. It’s very assuring to know people still care about nature and plants. It is one step closer to solving a lot of health related issues and not destroying the ozone layer.

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Light Bulb Cover

This idea is great to use especially if you have some hanging light bulbs. For this DIY, you can simply use just the plain Mason jar as a cover, or, you can add on a few things. You can wrap some rope onto the outside of the bulb so that the amount of light that gets illuminated is controlled as well as adding more detail to the cover.

DIY Mason Jar Night Lights

For this idea, you will need to pain the mason jars. You can use some creative color patterns and bring in some glitter as well. With painted mason jars, the lights that will be placed inside them will reflect light that is the color that has been painted. This is a great way to have different colored lights.

Fairy Lights In Jar

A great way to use fairy lights is by using them whilst they are in a mason jar. When the lights are switched on, they will look absolutely beautiful. You can choose to place different colored lights in each Mason jar, or, you can have the same colored lights just as well. Either ways, they are guaranteed to look lovely!

Fall Jars

You will need to paint the outside of the mason jars a plain color for the background. You can then add on some detail with some other colors. The purpose of this DIY is to use the jars as flower pots, except, you will be placing in them some dry or cloth flowers and plants. You can put in them different colored flowers, depending on the season that it will be.

Winter Wonder Land

This is a great and definitely creative idea to use for part of your winter holiday decorations. You can decorate the mason jars with some Christmas colors and other winter holiday themed objects such as pine cones and snow. In the mason jars, you can place some lovely scented candles to complete the look.

Farm House Themed Décor

If you are all about that farm house and rustic theme when it comes to home décor, look no further because this is the perfect DIY for you to try out. It involves placing some simple colored and rustic clothe decorations on the outside of the mason jars. You can the place these jars on any furniture you please, as long as they have a farm house themed color as well.

DIY Candle Cups

The key to these candle cups is painting the mason jars using colors that are settle and calming. This way, when you switch on your lovely scented candles both the scent of the candles and the colors of the candle holders help you with calming down and relaxing. You can paint on the mason jars some beautiful patterns and shapes.

Buffalo Plaid Painted Mason Jars

It all goes back to the buffalo plaid design! The design never gets old. This is why you can use this pattern and design to paint the outside of your mason jars. These buffalo plaid mason jars can then be used just as they are as decoration ornaments.

Mason Jar Plug Holders

Do you ever have problems with tangled cables? If you have had this problem, then try this DIY out. It simply involved placing the endings of the cables in separate Mason jar. To make this even easier for you, you can then stick some labels indicating with cable is in each Mason jar.

Enchanting Halloween Lanterns

For the coming Halloween, you can use this idea as part of your decorations. For this, you will need to paint on the jars or use stickers. You can have some beautiful and scary outlines onto the mason jars. You can then pace some lights into the jars. This way, when the lights are switched on, the outlines can be easily seen.

Seasonal Mason Jars

This DIY involves painting over and decorating some mason jars so that they can be according to the season that you will be in. If you are in winter, you can paint and decorate with winter themed objects and the same goes for the rest of the other seasons as well.

Patterned Mason Jars Candle Holders

For this, you will need to paint the jars and give them some creative and fun patterns. This way, when the candle is lit, the light will show through the lovely designs and patterns that you would have created.

DIY Mason Jar Pen Holders

If you have kids, this is a fun DIY for you to try out with them. It involves painting on the outside of the jars. Paint onto the jars some fun things that will get the children interested. They can then use these incredible mason jars to keep their stationery.

Mason Jar Mosaic

Who says you cannot use mason jars to create some classic looking décor ornaments? This is an absolutely great way to do so. You can make this Mason jar mosaic and place it in just about any room in your home or even in your office. It will bring that classy twang into the room.

DIY Mason Jar Luminaries

Creativity is such an important part of home décor. This means that even the littlest of detail can make the biggest of difference in a room. You can easily bring some creativity into a room using these Mason jar luminaries. They are most definitely quite unique and a must try.

DIY Mason Jar Wall Décor

An easy way to make sure your mason jars can be hung on the wall and still look stylish is by sticking the jars to a small plank then you can hang the plank onto the wall. For this DIY, you can do just that, and in the Mason jar, you can place some bright and boldly colored flowers.

Story in  a Jar

If your child loves a certain story, you can use this idea to create an everlasting image from the story. You can create this image in a mason jar. The story in a jar can then be easily placed where ever the child wants it placed.