30+ Easy DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party and scaring your guests, preparing your porch for trick-or-treating thieves, or trying to impress your friends, you need Halloween decorations. Before setting up your outdoor decoration for Halloween, however, make sure it is robust enough to withstand the changeable October weather. I have found that crazy inflatables and cheap cobwebs are readily available and a variety of different types of pumpkins and other Halloween items.

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Santa Painted Mason Jar

This is quite easy to make. You will need to paint your mason jar with some red paint. Then, when the paint has dried, you can stick on the middle of the jar some black tape so to resemble Santa’s belt. Add a little golden paper to be the buckle for the belt. Add in some buttons and to finish it off, tie a ribbon with Christmas colors around the neck of the jar

Gift in a Jar

If you are planning to give out some yummy goodies this Christmas, you can use mason jars as wrappers. You simply place the gift inside the jar, close the jar and add Christmas ribbon to the neck of the jar. What you have to do I simply give the gift in jar to its rightful receiver.

Santa and Elf Candy Jar

Instead of using ordinary jars for your candy this Christmas, you can use creatively decorated Santa and elf mason jars. Stick on the lids some of Santa or elves’ features such as hats. For the Santa jars, you stick a red and white hat and for the elves, a green and red hat.

Christmas Mason Jar Gift Ideas

If you are planning to use mason jars as the holders for Christmas gifts, you can add on some simple decorations on them. They can be simple decorations, but they will look absolutely creative and unique. You can simply add a ribbon to the jar and it will make it look Christmassy!

Simple Detail  Jars

This time, to make the simple detail jars, you will not need to paint the jars. Instead, you will place in the jars some objects with the same colors as those of Santa or the elves. For the Santa jars, you can place in some red material such as red candy. You will then simply add a black ribbon for the belt. And for a snow man jar, you can add in some white marshmallows. Then, stick some black beads onto the outside if the jar.

Snowy Mason Jar

To make this jar, you will need to paint over the jar with some white liquid glue. Then quickly before the glue dries up, you will sprinkle some fake snow. When it has dried up, you can simply place the jars together with some of your Christmas decorations.

Classy Glitter Mason Jar

I definitely like this DIY a lot! You will simply have to paint over the jar with some liquid glue. Then you can put some glitters onto the jar. You can use any Christmas color you like, but oi feel that it works better with colors such as gold and silver.  When the jar dries up, you can tie a ribbon onto its neck and place it together with the rest of your decorations.

Snow Globe Mason Jar

This DIY snow globes make for perfect and absolutely amazing decorations this Christmas. You basically have to make a snow globe using the mason jars. You can then tie around the necks some simple Christmas messages and wishes.

Gift Mason Jar Snow Globes

This basically involves making a snow globe lie that above. Only this time, it will not be decorations. The awesome thing about these snow globes is that they are also great to give out as Christmas gifts. They are nice and personalized Christmas gifts.

Detailed Snow Globes

You can also use mason jars to make globes that show case some of your Christmas preparation activities. You can decide to put make the jars show you Christmas tree journey, your food preparation journey or even your family time journey. This will involve quite a lot of work and time, but it will absolutely be worth it in the end.

Fabulously Festive Christmas Mason Jars

These mason jars are absolutely beautiful! You will decorate the mason jars with some Christmas related patterns such as snowflakes, and Christmas trees. Make sure that the end result of this is that the jars look incredibly fabulous and festive. You can also add in some candles inside the jars.

Christmas Township Candle Jar

For this, you need to spray paint the inside of the jars with some fake snow. Then add about an inch or two of fake snow ant the bottom of the jar. You then place against the inside jar walls a piece of paper that can be designed to look like a township, with little houses and trees. You then place a candle in the center of the jar. This will make the paper look like shadows of the township.

Tree Shapes On Mason Jar

Firstly, you paint with some liquid glue some Christmas tree shapes on the outside of the jars. Then, sprinkle some green glitters and brush off the unnecessary. You then spray some fake snow on the inside of the Mason jar. When it is all dried up, you can then place a candle inside the jar. It will look absolutely amazing.

Olaf Themed Snow Globe Jar

Children and fans of Frozen will appreciate this snow globe. You can simply spray paint the jar with fake snow, and then on the inside of the lid, you stick some cotton wool to act as a lump of snow and your Olaf doll on top of the wool. This is all it takes to make those frozen fans happy this Christmas season.

Christmas Themed Painted Mason Jars

These are not difficult to make at all. You will need to a piece of paper or stencil onto the outside of the jar. The stencil must ne shaped as the Christmas detail you want on the jar. You can then pain around the stencil with which ever Christmas color you please. When the paint dries off, you can remove the stencil. Place inside the jar some simple material.

Christmas Tree Mason Jar

To make this, you will need to stick a Christmas tree stencil on the outside of the jar. Then, oyu paint the jar with any Christmas color. When it dries up, you can remove the stencil, and the Christmas tree shape will be left unpainted on the jar. You can then place a candle inside the jar.

Snow Globe Gift Mason Jars

If you keep some of your kitchen ingredients in mason jars, here is a way to make them look festive and Christmassy. You will simply add a snow globe on top of the lid. You can finish the look by tying a ribbon on the jar’s neck.

Peppermint Candles

There is something about peppermint that reminds me of Christmas. If you are like me, then you will love this DIY. You will simply place a peppermint scented candle inside a mason jar and enjoy the scent.

Holiday Mason Jar Luminary

This DIY will give you a beautiful piece of decoration. For this, make sure you do not use too many colors. The simpler and fewer the colors, the better it looks in my opinion. You can place these jars together with some of your other decorations or on its own.