25 Creative Ways To Turn Old Stuff Into New Stuff

25 Creative Ways To Turn Old Stuff Into New Stuff 2

25 Creative Ways To Turn Old Stuff Into New Stuff 2

We all have a bit of junk lying around, why not put them to good use and make something you actually want or need. It’s a fun creative way to explore the random things waiting to be made into something new.

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Work on Wall

For a clear table, this DIY is the best to be used. You can attach folder pockets, a notice board and pen holders to the wall closest to the table. Make sure that the wall will be close enough to make reaching out for wanted things easy and convenient.

Book Shelf

Instead of keeping books, magazines or even folders on the work table, they can be places on simple shelves. You can organize them by category to make easy findings.

Wall Scroll

For those important appointments or lists, this artistic scroll is perfect. You can write or stick the important messages on it, so that you will not miss place them nor forget them.

Rolling Book Basket

This will make the room look artistic! It is not your ordinary way of keeping books. This also makes the room look friendly.

Shelved Tables

For this DIY, a table surface can be attached to the shelves. This will mean quicker and easier access to the things on the shelves. This also means that you get to keep the work table clear and tidy.

Plastic Containers

These plastic containers make it easier to keep more things in one place. It is best o keep the containers on shelves. You can make the containers to be any color that goes with the color theme of the room. You can also put labels on the plastic containers to make sure that you can easily find what you need.

Classy Cabinet

This cabinet has some storage areas with doors and others without. In the open places, you can keep the things that are open for everyone to access, and in the closed ones, the more private ones. You can also use the plastic containers for the open parts.

Wall Pockets

This DIY allows you to keep papers or files in a tidy way. The pockets on the wall help create space in the room.

Basket Containers

The great part about using these basket is that you can close them and store them in a different room all together. You can put labels on them, so to know what exactly is in them.


Pen holders and other objects such as scissors can be placed on hooks to hang. This will make them easy to access.

Stationary Holder

Instead of leaving stationary lying about on the table, they can be kept in holders. The holders do not have to be boring and plain, you can use creative and unique holders.

Creative Notice Board

Instead of using ordinary boards, you can use glass board. Instead of writing notes on it, you can write the notice on pieces of paper and then stick them to the board.

Notice Line

Another amazing idea is to use a notice line. You can clip your notices the line. This idea is quite easy and fun to do!

Side Holders

You can stick holders to the side of a work table. This helps create space on the table. This is a good idea because the lesser things there are on a table the tidier it is likely to be.


Back to the basics. You can always use drawers to make a room tidier. It allows you to keep things out of sight.