22 Amazing Ways to Turn Old Furniture into New Beautiful Things Through DIY Tricks

17 old cabinet turned into bathroom sink holder

17 old cabinet turned into bathroom sink holder

We all have old furniture lying around the house. Before you give it away take some time to reconsider all the amazing new things you could make with your old furniture. Here are 22 amazing ways to turn old furniture into new beautiful things through DIY tricks.

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1.Mosaic frames are a great way to bond with your kid and redecorate the room, get colored little stones or beads of any color and stick them to the frame. It adds a lovely touch to the room as she will have a memory of you that isn’t only the picture.

2.Headboards are great for any room, they add a slightly mature touch, no longer kiddy but more teenager. This headboard is great because you use pallets and  you can write any word you wish to like a name or a quote to motivate you every day.

3.Maon jars can be used for a lot of things like storing stationary. Make glitter jars with this easy DIY tutorial to brighten up your room.

4.If your teenage girl still loves fairies, a mason jar with fairy lights will help keep the magic alive and real. All you need is a bit of glitter and glue and you can get started.

5.Christmas lights can be reused to decorate your teenager’s room. Adding post lights adds a lovely mellow feel and good energy to the room. It helps keep the scary monsters away if they are still afraid of the dark.

6.Another way to use the lights is to kinda make a dark room picture hanging section. Clip the pictures onto the lights for a lovely effect; this might be a great decoration addition for sleepovers or in a big room with ample room. Also it would make your teenager feel like a princess.

7.For all those jewelry that needs a beautiful place to be displayed and stored. Use a mash cloth and store or hang your jewelry on it. It will add a few designer vibes to the room.

8.Make wall art with these cute pins you can push to write certain words or a word and put up on your wall as a decoration.

9.This hammock idea is a great cozy idea and fun thing to place in the room. It will be a good place to relax, someplace fun other than couches and the bed.

10.If you are tired of your pillow cases but don’t have the cash to get some new ones. Why not make your own with this easy DIY tutorial, all you need is a piece of cloth that you can wrap around your pillow and redecorate.

11.Writing down your dreams can help you later on in life achieve your goals. Have some colored paper near a large mason jar and roll up papers with dreams written down. The different colored papers will add a lovely decoration to the room.

12.Monograms are great decorations. Might be your favorite number or the first letter of your name, cute out some cardboard and wrap that around with thread. Any color of your choice or a multicolored thread.

13.Ceiling fans help a lot during the summer to help cool off, but in any room they might be extremely boring to look at especially when laying down on your web trying to get lost in thought. Why not try this easy trick of wrapping the fans in ribbons with different colors to make it a bit more interesting.

14.Paint chips can be used for more than just picking out a paint color. You can use it to make a great colorful calendar to help schedule your events or days according to the different colors. This will look great in your teen’s room.

15.Pictures are a great addition to any room to always keep remembering that life is good. This style of print out gives it a vintage Polaroid feel that is fun to play around with and you can even add little notes to the pictures before sticking them to the wall.

16.If your teenager loves to read building them a place where they can read to their hearts desires will make it a great addition to their room. All you need is some colorful sheet and a comfortable sponge sofa.

17.If you are into flowers and have a few wooden spoons lying around this would be a great trick for you to try with a few circles made from cardboard, plastic spoons and paint. Enjoy getting your hands dirty.

18.A great idea for your teenage girls room is this crazy creative DIY idea that needs a letter be it for someone’s first initial or family initial. Cut out some cardboard into a desired letter and paste a photo collage on it.

19.Light switches can be made a bit more fun by covering the in a colorful paper with your fave print attached to it.  It will simply add a pop of color where it is usually unexpected.

20.Your lamp can be a bit more fun, and its very simple, to make with this easy DIY trick for your teens room, draw a simple cute design on paper, stick it to the lamp cover and poke holes in it so that when you turn it on it shows whatever you want to look at when the lights are on.

21.People often forget that the space on a ceiling can be used for a lot more fun things other than just being an empty space. You can make this yarn chandeliers, that are light in weight and colorful.

22.If you have time on your hands, different colored thread and a few needles. This idea is for you, write down your favorite or quote if you have the time or energy then start threading!