20 Incredible Hacks for Rustic Home Decor

2. DIY Bathroom Mirror Storage Case

2. DIY Bathroom Mirror Storage Case

There is beauty in simplicity. This sentence could not be more right. You can turn the simplest things around you into the most beautiful. Take a look at these amazing DIYs that can help you turn the simplest things in your home into beautiful décor. The rustic style of decoration can never get out of fashion if anything, the more time passes, the trendier the theme becomes. So, why not change things up a little and giver your home décor that lovely rustic look.

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Cut wood and fix it onto the wall. Also get a board to hang on the wall as a base. After that you can connect the other pieces together from side to side and make it easier to fix. If you want to teach yourself how to do this, then go ahead. There are many sites that have tutorials on cutting wood. I have met a lot of people who don’t have experience handling natural wood. Most of them grew up without an opportunity to do things themselves. Everything was handed to them. When you are done with the first process, move on to the next step. Hang the finished product on the wall.

Make some expendable cabinets and drawers. Something that’s easy to create and maintain. But remember to always use better material to prevent rust and any other complications.


Tag a friend along with you because you will need all the help you can get to make this. Cut several pieces of wood and put them together until you can create a big cabinet enough to hold several pieces. You need a lot of hands on this to make sure it is successful. Spend enough time to make sure it’s stable. Make it trendy and useful. Keep anything from utensils and tools.

There is a lot of space in most kitchens that can be used for other things. Just get some creative juices working in your head. Find space that you can put something. Get a cabinet and put it maybe next to a fridge and install a proper system that will not collide with any other objects in your kitchen. I always find it soothing knowing that I can use the kitchen space to its fullest potential. Leave no space unattended unless it’s for passage

Buy some nice lamps and taps for your house. Make it a bit elegant. I know you would feel like you would like to save your money as much as you can but also consider the durability and quality of what you are buying. You don’t want to have anything that you have put your hard work to just get rusty in a couple of days. Cheap is good but expensive is usually better. But it’s your decision. If you can’t afford or you are saving up for something else, then it’s ok. Change the appearance of your kitchen. Make it a bit brighter and thicker than before.

It’s always a hustle when you don’t have things in one place where you can access them at once without making a mess. During my childhood I remember the mess I use to create just looking for one single thing. This idea may just work for you. Get some wooden hooks and fix onto any cabinet you want. Find a nice space you can put it. Hang any utensils and objects you want.

This is almost like the previous one except here you don’t have to put hooks but just planks as base. Put cups or vases or any display items.

Get some wood and get to creating. More people are using wooden frames as their base for storing wine and beer. It works well when you have a solid foundation from the start to the finish. It’s an easy thing to design. Use wood as usual. Nothing fancy, just something that you will like to use often and it needs to be something that doesn’t rust especially when it comes in contact with liquid.

Fix some bolts to the kitchen wall. Put wooden planks together and make a mini basket where you can keep any food items or objects, tools and utensils. It’s up to what you decide. Not much is needed. Just the wood. If you want, you can always find some paint or spray and color it to suit you.

Make some wooden trays that slide when you pull the cabinets and drawers. It does not matter the size of the trays. Just keep it simple and smooth on all edges. Put some oil on the sides often so it keeps its durability of sliding back and forth. It’s very common for households to have kitchens with cabinets that slide. It makes everyone’s life so much easier.

You don’t want to block passage for your guests. Build it yourself or build one for yourself. The goal is to create something suitable for your kitchen. People should glare and stare and see the input you have had on making your house your own. Own it and don’t be hasty.

Drawers and cabinets nowadays are so easy to make but people find them hard to maintain and keep them in good shape due to various reasons. It’s always better to get a bird’s eye view of any situation to bring forth any ideas in mind. I am not sure if plywood would be the best type of material to use in this situation because of its nature. It is cheap but I feel that it is not as durable as it should be compared to other types of wood.