19 Unique and Stylish DIYs for Photo Collages

17. Wall of Frames

17. Wall of Frames

If you are interested in photography, whether you are the one to capture the photos, or you are the one who does the admiring, here are some ideas for you. With these ideas, you will be able to arrange and show case your pictures in amazing collages for all to see. Instead of doing the ordinary and common in your photo arrangement, why not go the extra mile and turn your home into a photo exhibit with the creative and stylish way you would have arranged your photos.

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DIY Dinner Buddy

You need a buddy to cheer you up and remind you that it is holiday, smile, stay warm and high five. This buddy here will fit enough. He is cozy enough and spices up dining table.

DIY Staircase Decor

What a brilliant way to keep your home inviting and stylish for holiday! As you wake up in the morning and walk down the stairs, let it remind you of how creative and gifted you can be. It is a beautiful feeling to see the work of your hands and getting a new look of your house.

DIY Santa Hat Chair Covers

You may accessorize your dinning setting with these famous Santa hats. You can never go wrong with white and red, it is juicy. These hats can be bought from any store during Christmas season, get the cheap ones because you will only for like a week and that’s all. But you can also do the handmade ones and still serve the same purpose.

DIY Santa Hat Cones

Santa being one the icons for Christmas, why not trying out something of his? This is basically Santa’s outfit and I love it. It can be won or placed along other decors and compliment them well.

DIY Christmas Tree Advent Countdown

You need a board, box, pre white flat paint, vinyl numbers, flat head multi-material screws and panel board nails. It is an adorable thing to do while waiting for dates to knock in.

DIY Pigeon Hole Display

Do you need a place to display your Christmas ornaments? Here is the answer you are looking for. This pigeon hole will perfectly showcase your special ornaments. It is a great piece to consider for your holiday decorations this year.

DIY Holiday Wreath

Spice up your door like this. Red, black and gold is a good combination. It is very easy to craft, 30 – 40 minutes is all you need. Match the holiday décor with this cute simple wreath.

DIY Pallet Christmas Tree

Pallets are quit helpful in DIY projects, just as how they have made this iconic Christmas tree possible. On top are the Marquee lights to brighten the walkways, driveways, front porches and yards.

DIY Santa & Reindeer Garland

Satisfy the holiday décor thirst with DIY Santa & Reindeer Garland. It is adorable, isn’t it? You can buy all the materials from the dollar store and it is not time consuming at all.

DIY Globe Light Luminaries

Winter deserves some twinkle from your magical hands. Honestly, it is a fascinating décor that could take more from your pockets if you are to buy a readymade one from the store. But thanks to DIY now we can afford it for less through gifted hands and creative mind. Be unique with your creation.

DIY Christmas Tree

If there is a Christmas décor that is expensive, it has to be the Christmas tree. Their prices can shock you. Buy hey, it doesn’t have to be the tree from the forest or those plastic ones. What matters is having that unique shape which can be achieved by pallet like this one here. Add the lights and tell me if anyone won’t get it that it is a Christmas tree.

DIY Painted Snowman

Snowman feeling himself huh? He is just a painting that anyone can do and give an attitude you want. This is an old fence piece that is used as a canvas. It is a cute piece yet recycling a salvaged piece which can again be reused for another DIY woody project.

DIY Gift Boxes Snowmen

This is so creative. For a bold edged snowman, this is perfect. We always buy things and throw their boxes, this time don’t throw. Collect them of different sizes and shapes (Rectangle and Square). Then wrap them in a uniform wrapper and stack them to resemble snowman.

DIY Snowman Pallet

This gentleman here can cheer up your guest with his brightest smile. He is trapped on the pallet by paints and his hat is a sum of 5 small wooden pieces nailed on the pallet and painted too. After Christmas, you can just remove the hat and color the pallet back to brown and reuse it for something else.

DIY Twigs Snowman Wreath

Materials needed are; twigs, scarf, a hat and little Christmas balls. Make three wreaths of different circular sizes, a hat on the head, scarf on his neck to keep him warm out there and accessorize him with buttons.