17 Easy DIY Backyard Project Ideas

17 Easy DIY Backyard Project Ideas 16

17 Easy DIY Backyard Project Ideas 16

If you need some DIY projects that are quick and easy to make, you’ve come to the right place, WE have listed a few easy ideas that you can make on your own for your backyard.

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Simple House Number

This is quite an easy o do DIY. It involves using numbers that can be bought at a very affordable price because of their simplicity. The numbers can then be placed on and stuck onto a simple piece of wood as well. You might think that this is too simple looking, but the key to achieving the perfect rustic look is by using the simplest of things.

DIY Bathroom Mirror Storage Case

This is an absolutely great way of using one thing for two obs. This DIY basically involves using a bathroom mirror as a cabinet case door as well. You can make the case and the borders for the mirror with some natural colored wood.

DIY Wood Crate Bookshelf

If you have some wooden crates lying around, this is an excellent way to put them o use. You can join together a number of the wooden crates to create the bookshelf. The crates can be built up in any pattern that you like.

Wire Basket Racks

The great part about turning your home décor into rustic is that most of the time, the change is absolutely affordable. For example, you can use some cheap wire baskets to make these racks that you can use in your kitchen. You can attach the baskets to a wooden board that you can then hand or drill to your wall.

DIY Sliding Barn Door Hidden Study

If you have limited rooms and space in your home, his is a great way of using one room for multiple uses. You can use these sliding wooden barn doors to separate one section of the room for a specific use different from the rest of the room. For the barn door, make sure that the color of the wood is natural looking.

DIY Vintage Cheese Grater Organizer

The vintage theme also plays a major part when it comes to achieving the perfect rustic look for your home décor. So for this DIY, you can attach a vintage cheese grater to your kitchen will so to make an organizer for utensils such as you cooking spoons. You can use the handle for the grater as a rack where you can keep a dish towel.

DIY Rustic Mirror Shelf

To make this mirrored shelf, you can simply use some wood to make the border frame for the mirror, and then extended the bottom part of the frame so to make a little shelf right in front of this mirror. The wood that you will use for the border frame and the shelf is the one that will help create that rustic theme.

DIY Office Memo Board

This is quite a creative way of making a memo board. It involves using a small piece of a thin wire fence and placing it in a natural colored wooden frame. On this board, you can simply use some pegs so to hold up the memos and whatever it is that will be posted onto the memo board. The rustic theme will be created because you will simply have used some simple and plain looking material to make the memo board.

DIY Rustic Cabinet

What makes this cabinet DIY rustic is that you will be bringing the countryside look into your home. For the doors for the cabinet, you can use can use some mini barn doors made out of natural colored wood. For the locks for the doors, you can use some metal bolts that will resemble those that could be used for the real barn door.

DIY Rustic Bookshelf

This is quite a simple bookshelf to make. Because the book shelf will no have any special features or any extra designs, it will look rustic and lovely. It is as simple as that!

DIY Rustic Shelves

The shelves are definitely not your everyday shelves. These are made out of wooden blocks. Simply attach some wooden blocks to your wall and voila! Some beautiful and unique rustic shelves. On the shelves, you can place some objects that are also rustic and vintage. This will make the rustic theme outstanding.

DIY Bathroom Wall Art

Using lettering as part of your décor is absolutely amazing and unique. For this DIY, you simply will be using some rustic sings and letterings to place in your bathroom. The words and lettering could be indicating where certain objects are in the bathroom so to help those who do not know how to get around the bathroom.

DIY Mud Rooms

You can literally decorate all the rooms in your home with the rustic theme. This DIY is about how you can incorporate the rustic look into your mud rooms. You can use natural colored wood to decorate this too. And for the coat hooks, you can use the simplest and vintage looking hooks.

Magnetic Knife Rack

This an absolutely creative idea. It involves making a knife rack simply by attaching some magnets to a plain piece of wood. You can then place the rack onto your kitchen and simply stick the metallic part of your knives to the rack.

DIY Rustic Wood Tray

This is an awesome way of bringing the rustic theme into your kitchen. It involves making some of your kitchen utensils with from wood. You can do this by using some wooden kitchen spoons, or by even making your own wooden trays. You can use natural colored wood for this DIY, or you could choose to use some white wash to pain over the wooden tray.

DIY Wooden Plant Tray

This is another great way of bringing the rustic theme to your indoor decoration. It simply involves placing your indoor plants in a wooden tray. You can add some simple detail to the tray such as some neatly crafted words or some lovely patterns.

DIY Log Corner Shelf

With this DIY, you will be using a large and tall enough log to make a corner shelf. You can use the log as the center and main support and then add some wooden shelves to the log. Make sure to check if the log and the shelves and properly attached and stable.

DIY Bathtub Surround

This DIY definitely takes rustic creativity to a whole new level. It simply involves using some well-shaped little rocks to make the outside of your bathtub. This will definitely bring nature feel into the room as well as the rustic loveliness.

DIY Log Banister

For your side rail by your stairs, you can simply use a well-smoothened log. It has to be in its natural color for it to look absolutely rustic. You also have to make sure the color of the log goes really well with the walls near it and the color of the stairs themselves.

Kitchen Utensil Rack

This could just about be one of the simplest DIYs for you to try out for your kitchen. It simply involves attaching some simple colored metal piece to a piece of wood so to allow you to place some f your kitchen utensils. The simple colors of both the piece of wood and the metal pieces that you will use will help bring out the rustic look well.