17 Creative Ways to Use Mason Jars

17 Creative Ways to Use Mason Jars: 13. DIY Mason Jar Pen Holders

17 Creative Ways to Use Mason Jars: 13. DIY Mason Jar Pen Holders

Mason jars come in handy on different occasions. They can be used for food storage or even for decorations. Here for you, are some absolutely incredible and creative ways and ideas that you can use mason jars. These DIYs are surely to impress not only yourself, but the people who will get to see them just as well. The DIYs are easy to do and quite affordable to make. They also allow you to re-use mason jars instead of throwing them away. Take a look at these amazing ideas and give them a try!

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Feasibility of making flower beds from tires used tires are material in which any landscape designer who represents how to make flower beds from tires with his own hands opens up new opportunities. It is the tire, and not just a sheet of rubber has certain advantages that make it easier to work with it: A cheap cost. Probably among the neighbors, there are car owners who dream of parting with old tires. Long it is rubbish, and for the artist – the future work of art, which can only be docked to the site or brought in the trunk. Ease and speed of processing. Chalk, a sharp knife or a jigsaw, a can of paint – that is all the tools necessary for such creativity.A simple flowerbed of cylinders built and at all for half an hour: the tire put on the ground and “stuffed” with soil. A rubber bed does not attract bacteria and fungi, does not rot, is not afraid of accidental impact and does not collapse under the influence of precipitation. If it has cracked after particularly severe frosts, it is not difficult to replace it. A flower bed from an old tire is an integral structure, which, if necessary, quickly moves to another place. To do this, you just need to remove the soil from it. Even the flower beds made of tires with their own hands can get bored with time. The best way to avoid this is to repaint the exterior and plant other plant species.

Figured flower Bed from an Old Tire

Doubts about the advisability of decorating the garden with flower beds from tires associated with the size of cylinders specified by the manufacturer. On a very modest site, they really can look foreign, and on a vast territory – get lost. The problem solved by a combination of tires with tracks, benches, lighting elements, as well as the construction of flower beds of several tires and multi-tiered tracks.

Potted plants placed on a stand

How to cut tires and how to do it right When you look at the wheel, so vast and stiff, able to withstand the weight of a loaded “Ford” or a powerful Jeep, the question arises how to cut an automobile tire for a flower bed. In fact, it is even easier to cope with rubber than with plywood, if you choose the right tool for each stage of work, which three: Vsyrivanie rubber. The best tool for the first cut is the shoe knife. It can be made independently of the saw blade or the planer blade. The handle of this knife wrapped with several layers of insulation tape, which allows the knife to sit tightly in the palm of your hand. It is essential because the rubber will resist the blade. The knife is inserted into the incision and makes them move upwards, the second side bending the rubber layer aside. Proces of sidewalls. You can trim the tires for the flower bed evenly or with waves. In the first case, a shoemaker or other sharp knife with a thin shoe is sufficient, in the second case it is better to use an electric jig that periodically saws with a solid or a solution of laundry soap. Some masters use Bulgarian with a small disc, but high speed entails strong heating and even burning of rubber with smoke and unpleasant odor. The steel cord reinforcement (breaker), which serves as the basis of the carcass of the tire, is cut by a Bulgarian, less often by scissors for metal. The absence of such a marking indicates a Capron cord, which dissected with a sharp knife.

Electric jigsaw – the perfect tool for cutting old wheels

To cut out the tire for the flower bed and not to injure yourself, always use thick gloves and goggles. Especially neatly handle with sharp metal cord threads – the splinters from them are very painful. Work should be on a full solid surface: a table or piece of plywood laid on the ground. With a significant amount of rubber dust, which differ in Chinese tires, the respirator will be superfluous.

How to Choose and Prepare a Car Tire

Work tool for metal cord – angle grinder

If there is an opportunity to choose the material for the flowerbed, it is possible to simplify the work on the processing of rubber by oneself. To do this, you need to use the following data:

The origin of tires: import is better to cut; Seasonal destination; Service life: the more worn out, the more pliable; Cord material: metal will require more effort than polymer.

It should also be taken into account the degree of wear of the tread. A precise drawing of the checkers will give additional expressiveness to the finished flowerbed. However, if you plan to turn the tire inside out, the protector needs the most “bald.”

In any case, the first operation to turn a tire into a small sculptural form is a cleansing of dirt. The tire washed under a powerful stream of water from the hose. It will not only add aesthetics but also protect the cutting tools from rapid blunting.

Variants of flower beds from tires and master classes

The fantasy of home craftsman knows no bounds – amateurs to equip secret plots with their own hands came up with dozens of options for decorating flower beds from tires.

Classification according to the form and method of manufacture

The beds of old tires conventionally divided into several groups:

Horizontal single-tiered – The simplest and purest; Horizontal multi-tiered – the first floor of such a flower bed is 5-7 tires, on top of them there are three more, and the last one tops the composition; vertical – of the tires stand a tower; flowers planted in the upper and the pockets cut out on the sides; in the form of articles of agricultural use: teapots, carts; in the way of different animals.

Examples of diy from old tires

Another interesting variety of flowerbeds from unnecessary rubber – suspended pots, with which you can diversify the wall of economic construction.

How to apply a marking on rubber

To make the bed of tires even, before cutting, you need to outline the line along which the knife or jigsaw will move. Make it comfortable with chalk or a bright marker that will stand out on the graphite rubber background.

The first line should be in the form of a ring. It is carried out in two ways:


Measure the equal distance from the outer or inner edge of the tire with a tape measure, apply strokes (approximately every 10-15 cm) and connect them.


Holding a chalk with a thumb or forefinger, grasp the little finger with a protector (or a side ring) and lead a line.


To mark the petals, you need the inner and outer lines. On each label, then connect them with a wavy line of any style. At this stage, it is essential to take into account that the petals less than 7 cm wide do not hold the shape well.

Flower – Quickly and reliably

Presented in the photo the options are the easiest to manufacture, but quite spectacular due to competent flower decor. To make a flower-flower from tires to the beginning landscape designer the following step-by-step instruction will help.


Take four same tires and rinse them thoroughly under running water.


Put one aside while away, and on three lines chalk the line dividing each one precisely in half.


Cut the three marked tires with a shoe knife or electric jigsaw.


Paint all the tires using a paintbrush or can. Color selected such that it well combined with those plants that are planned to plant.


Lay the halves of the tires in the form of petals, fill the flower garden with prepared fertile soil.


Put the whole tire in the center of the composition and also pack it with soil.

Turtle – feel yourself in the Galapagos


To make the flower bed of automobile tires with your own hands turned into a genuine creativity, try to make a figure of a turtle:


Prepare two tires for the flower bed. One leaves the whole, and from the other, cut out the protector.


Divide the protector into four identical parts, which will become the turtles’ paws.


Make a short triangular tail from a piece of tread. For the head, take a flat bottle of household chemicals, for example, from “Mr. Muscle”. His neck will become the neck of a turtle.


In the whole tire, make incisions and insert the paws, tail, and bottle into them. Secure it with screws.


Color the turtle, draw her a muzzle.

On the flower bed-turtle in the garden look good low bright flowers: Tagetes, nasturtium, ornamental cabbage.

Frog – from the princess to the traveler

If there is a pond in the garden, plant a pretty frog figure on its shore. This idea is good because the frog could perform without labor-intensive cutting of the metal cord. The main thing is not to regret the wet green paint.

Green frog from old tire

The body of the animal laid out of three regular tires in the form of a two-tiered flower bed. For eyes take tires of smaller diameter and install them vertically.

Depending on the desired degree of glamor glued with rubber glue or screwed with screws long or short eyelashes, paint with red paint “lips with a bow” or a simple smile. Supplement the image with an arrow, a crown or a pair of ceramic ducks.

Flowers on such a flower bed placed behind the eyes and in the lower tier. Around the figure are appropriate grasses and sedges, alluding to marsh vegetation.

Swan – white grace on a green lawn If you have learned to cut flower beds from tires with your own hands to decorate the garden, you can try to make a swan. This work requires some skill, since a part of the tire in such a figure must be cut out in a certain way, turned out and strengthened. Let us consider step by step the process of the birth of a beautiful bird from rubber scrap.

Sawing tires

Pick up for the flower bed tire with the most worn out protector, because the curved sections have to do it on it.

Using a pattern on the photo, apply a line of head, neck, wings, and tail to the protector. Pay attention of the beak – this is the most difficult part.

At the nodal points of the marking, drill holes about 10 mm in diameter.

Cut the rubber by marking with a shoe knife or electric jigsaw. Starting work follows from the base of the neck of the figure, leading the line of cut to the head. In order not to vibrate the rubber, it is recommended to cut both sides in parallel, 5-10 cm with each alternately.

Handle the edges of the parts: peel the rubber and the ends of the cord. Swan-beds from the tires attract children – you should take care of their safety.

Turn inside out the wings.

Strengthen the neck with a steel rod. To do this, drill in it and then through the whole body to the base of the tail two rows of holes at a distance of about 15 cm from each other. Pass the wire clips through the pair of holes.

Attach a steel rod to the base of the tail and fasten the chest and neck of the figure on it, twisting the ends of the wires with the pliers. Cut off the excess and attach a royal bend to the swan’s neck.

Paint the finished figure, emphasizing the beak and eyes. It will look especially impressive if you plant it (and attach it with screws) to the lake from a tire painted in blue.

Instruction in the photo: