15 Adorable Gardening Projects with Wood

5.The Wishing Well

5.The Wishing Well

Renewing my garden look is one of the projects I have to do when welcoming a new season. Now that it is spring, I thought wood projects will sound better. Gardens can be decorated with so many other materials but I choose wood working because I think garden looks better in them. It has undeniable chemistry that is awesome. Nature for nature is beautiful. So I compiled some ideas which I am also going to share them with you. Find what is best for you and do your garden some justice. I guarantee you that you will have so much fun when exploring your creativity skills and potentials.

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  • 9.Color Coordinated Closet

Teen Closet

Here is an example of 14 years old girl’s closet can look like. Of course pink is the favorite color for most of them and here it is blended with white and blue to leave the room cohesive. The combination of drawers, cubbies and shelves completes a fantastic look. As for the things far from her reach, a stool should help.

Rail Closet

If you have a wide space in your room, arranging your clothes on the rail may come in hand. It puts everything close to your sight; you can pick out what you need to wear without a long search. You should definitely consider this clothes rail.

Full Closet

To a big closet room, this is what you can. You must set aside space for everything first, decide which clothes should be folded, which ones should be hanged. Put everything with color coordination to give it an amazing look.

Wooden Closet

Wood will never go old nor go wrong. If you love wooden furniture, a closet can be wooden too. Just saying! Well, it is a simple closet with enough space for everything. I love the basket details on tops, they complete it.

Mini Closet

It is a small closet but the organizing skills make it look huge because everything has fit. You have your space for shirts, jeans, dresses and shoes. Of course you also have drawers to put your underwear and the rest.

Linen Closet

Your bed linens need a good organization too. Put all your bed sheets, pillow cases, towels and blankets in the most hygienic way because this is where you lay down every night. It looks great with the color blending. It is just so inspiring!

Bag Shoe Closet

For a person like me, who has so many pair of shoes, I need this whole closet just for that. You know, sometimes you do not have force everything in one closet unless you are a minimalist. This closet will help you to put together your precious shoes and bags and somewhere you can see them and reach out to them easily.

Closet Door

Well, back of your closet door is always empty but haven’t you ever wondered what it can carry and help you organize. I think hand bags can be hanged on them and still look neat. This technique will help you with creating space, picking out right handbag for right outfit easily and of course saving you from losing your tote.

Color Coordinated Closet

It is okay to randomly place your stuff without considering colors but it is a “wow” to organize with color at the back of your mind. This goes with the shoes, clothes and most important element, the containers in your closet. Here, the containers and blue while hangers are white and I think it is perfect color coordination.

Named Drawers

If the closet didn’t come with its drawers, that doesn’t stop you from adding yours. It is not a crime. To simply your work and save your time when dressing up, you may name each drawer according to seasons, colors, activities or theme. For example, office, church, gym, you name it.

Share the Space

Most people make a mistake of not giving accessories enough space and in the end; they pile up and bring chaos in your rom. But this closet here makes sure that none of that happens. It can hold everything in good order.

Labeled Boxes

Labeling is always fun and useful. It saves you from a lot including throwing a sock without its pair because it is lost. When you label, you are organized. It is easy to send your husband to grab something for you because he will know where exactly to find it. Take advantage of labels.

Chic Mirror Closet

What is a closet without a mirror? Mirrors are everything. With a mirror, you can decide what to wear in few minutes basing on what you see right on the mirror. If something didn’t make a cut, you can put it back immediately. This way, you will be maintaining an organized closet and saving yourself time and energy because you won’t have to carry your clothes out in search for the mirror.

Scarf Organizer

Shower ring are the way forward, they are stylish and economic. Instead of using one hanger for each scuff, these shower rings can accommodate up to 10 scarves. Say Hello to winter with an organized closet and colorful scarves right on your sight.

Door with Baskets

Another trick to add space on your closet is placing baskets at the back of your wall. You place stuff according to its needy. For stuff that you rarely use, you can put them in the top baskets, the lower ones for those that you frequently use so to make it easy for you.