14 Unique Ways to Makeover Your Furniture

11. Floral Paint

11. Floral Paint

I find it really difficult to have to keep the furniture for a long time. I am always looking for ways to redo my furniture so that it always looks new and beautiful. If you are like me and are interested in ways to give your furniture a makeover, then you are at the right place. Take a look and all these amazing ways you can change your furniture to give it a new look. You will be impressed with these ideas and DIYs because they are quite creative and easy to do!

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If you have old PVC pipes here is how you are going to color them up to get them into festive tune. Put these pipes beside your door step on both sides and have your neighbors gushing when they arrive.

We know that naturally each household will pretty much have the same Christmas décor. Here is how you can make lighted burlap garland and have your house looking unique this festive season. You can either have these on the floor or hang them anywhere in the house.

These giant ornaments are great for the out door. Be even more creative and have them painted in various colors of your choice or Christmas patterns and symbols. Be sure to involve your children on this project. It could be a fun family activity.

This in the house will give you a dim but intimate lighting and they are so cute. Perfect for the living room side tables.

Do not let your rustic side down this festive season. Create a Christmas tree of your own kind only using pallets. If you are not big on traditional Christmas decor and maybe looking for something more unique and subtle then this may be for you.

If you love your wine and are feeling this festive season then we have a way you can in cooperate your love for both in one. A wine cork wreath. I am making this one definitely.

This could be perfect for your porch as you welcome in your guests.

If you have a lot of pallets and wood laying around perhaps you may want to put them to good use and create some wooden Christmas decor.

Christmas is about turning those normal house instruments into fun and creative instruments. A Christmas hurricane shade maybe?

Traditional Christmas wreaths are really boring, you can go an extra mile to making a homemade snowman wreath that will have your neighbors starring in absolute admiration.

Have you little ones help you paint these terra pots for your garden or porch. It is a wonderful way of decorating your outdoors for Christmas.

Here is another way to decorate your outdoors and have your garden looking very festive this season. I absolutely adore the big red ribbons.

A more affordable way to decorate your outdoors would be having santa logs.

This is a crazy but very interesting décor idea. Make a wreath out of flip flops. You can get old flip flops and even have them colored in festive colors to make it more festive.

If you have a big garden, this is an idea for you. Create reindeer santa logs that you can easily put away after the festive season for future use.

Oh what a good idea? We all need a stocking hanger this season. Hanging over the fire place may just be outdated.

These candle sticks give your home a some what rustic feel. These are perfect for the living room or even the dining room depending on how your décor is looking.

If you are a young modern person with no kids it may be understandable if you do not wish to have the traditional normal Christmas tree and décor. This should however not deter you from feeling the festive mood and decorating your home accordingly. Here is a pallet corner tree that you may make. It gives an element of modern and elegance yet keeping that festive mood intact.

Don’t leave your staircase bare this season. Here is how you can create a penguin slide on your staircase. This will be fun for the kids and their visiting cousins and friends.

Oh oh!!! Start collecting those paper cups because they have just come in handy. Create a paper cup snowman and be the king or queen of going green.

If you have any old shatters here is how you can put them to good use. Make snowman shutters. This will be great for your backyard so it does not remain bare over the festive season.

No need to hang your socks by the fireplace. Be trendy with this pallet sock hanger. It is easy to make and you get to play with various colors and get your desired look.

Do not just decorate indoors and forget about your outdoors. Here is how you will have your backyard looking absolutely festive this year. Log snowmen.

It is fine to have outgrown the traditional tree but not have a tree of some sort is a total crime to the festive season. Here I how you suggest you make your own unique tree using crates and barrel ornaments.

This is my absolute favorite and I am sure you will enjoy making these with the kids. You can make Christmas ornaments off old tires. Have them in beautiful different colors to bring life to your outdoors.

If you are lucky to be having a warm Christmas and will be hosting outdoors, make a pallet Christmas tree with lights and leave it against a big tree.

Add some Christmas ornament decorations to your windows and other bare spaces in your home.

This log slice snowman decoration could be a good idea for invitations to your Christmas event or having your menu encrypted on it.

For those who will be hosting a lot of Christmas dinners here is another décor idea for the dining room.

A photo wreath is a perfecto way for you to welcome your guests. This should have all the members of your family and it makes your home very personal and inviting. Something we are looking for.

These are some of our Christmas decoration ideas for you. We hope this is enough to make your festive season a memorable one. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.